Why Trimstone?

The Building Envelope

The selection of a cladding material is a critical question for the architect, developer, engineer, and facade consultant. Lightweight natural stone panels are a compelling option given their technical performance, design flexibility, cost effectiveness, logistics, and overall performance level.

For example, in unitized curtain wall, rain screen, or window wall applications, Trimstone® is shown to provide numerous incremental benefits in terms of durability, sustainability, energy efficiency, aesthetics, budgetary considerations, and supply chain management.

We believe that the supply of lightweight natural stone has been limited when compared to other cladding materials and that this is attributable to the small number of experienced manufacturers. This is a problem that we intend to rectify.

Stoneworks, Inc. is fully committed to producing a newly reimagined stone panel. A 21st century option that will secure a prominent place in the architectural cladding marketplace.


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