Indiana Limestone & Trimstone Lightweight Panels

Department of Public Safety

Willow Park, TX

Trimstone has a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of the  stone that we are able to use in our advanced lightweight panels. As you can see in the imagery on this page, such flexibility includes Indiana Limestone Lightweight Panels as a basis for a facade design.

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Indiana Limestone Lightweight Panels Texas  Project

Trimstone Exterior Stone Panels, like the ones used in this Indiana Limestone project, weigh approximately 4.0 lbs per square foot, approximately 75 percent less than standard 3/4″ slab material. Our patented cladding system further simplifies the installation process, allowing for Trimstone to be installed at nearly three times the rate as dimensional stone.

Our lightweight stone honeycomb panel system, comprised of natural stone veneer securely bonded to high-strength, aviation-grade, aluminum honeycomb panels has been thoroughly tested, yielding the highest certification and performance in the industry.

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