Stone Finishes

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Trimstone® panels are available in three Stone Finishes: polished, honed, and leather.
Choosing the optimal finish for each project is essential to maximizing the stone’s aesthetic beauty and ensuring its durability. A Trimstone® Service Representative will discuss finish options with you to determine what would work best for the particulars of your application.
Stone finishes


Honed Finish

Honed finishes are typically used in high-traffic areas, exterior applications, and installations requiring skid resistance. A honed finish is produced by grinding a stone face with high-grit material until a smooth, satin-like (egg-shell), and non-reflective surface is achieved.

Polished Finish

Polished finishes are finer and smoother in nature than honed finishes. They give stone surfaces a high luster, making them reflective and almost mirror-like. Stones that are given a polished finish feature the brilliant colors and grains of the natural material.

Leather Finish

A textured finish with a semi-gloss surface. The stone maintains its natural characteristics and color. Leathered panels are optimal for outdoor applications as they hide smudges and water spots much better than polished or honed finishes.