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The Joy of Architecture – Part Three – Frank Gehry


Frank Gehry has inspired a nearly unsurpassed degree of polarization across a spectrum of observers. Included in the discussion are fellow architects, critics, and naturally the casual fans of architecture. Let’s jump into The Joy of Architecture - Part Three - Frank Gehry. Bard College     Photo: Daniel Case On one side of the discussion , Eric Wills [...]

The Joy of Architecture – Part Two – Glass


There was a time when the architectural appetite for “glass buildings” was seemingly inexhaustible. I vividly recall my first visits to Dallas and Houston forty years ago. Being young and less than brilliant, it was startling to observe the sheer volume of glass. “Where did they get it all?” Let’s start The Joy of Architecture - Part Two - Glass. [...]

The Joy of Architecture


Architecture has long transcended the simple work of designing and placing together the elements of some type of building. Rather, we acknowledge that when practiced at its highest levels, this is an art form of magnitude and majesty. In what must generously be accepted as less than ideal times, why not spend some moments considering the Joy of Architecture. At [...]

Stone Curtain Wall Systems

Exterior Facade Panels|

When considering Stone Curtain Wall Systems, it is helpful to review the differences between Unitized Curtain Wall Systems and Stick Built Curtain Wall Systems. Here we go. Unitized systems are typically composed of large glass elements that are built and glazed off-site in a factory setting. Arguably, the major benefit of this approach is the quality control achievable in the [...]

Lightweight Stone Panel Rainscreens

Lightweight stone rainscreens|

I first encountered rainscreen systems while working for a West German conglomerate in the middle of the 1980’s. The organization had developed a ceramic tile panel system that was amazingly light and easy to install. As with so many things, timing is everything. The 1980’s were not quite ready for that product, but the 21st Century appears to be very [...]

New York Stone Panels

Exterior Facade Panels|

Rising gracefully and preparing to take a regal place in the Manhattan skyline is 611 West 56th Street. The first major work in America by famed Pritzker Award recipient Alvaro Siza, this elegant structure  features a clean white limestone facade that expertly utilizes our system of New York Stone Panels. Developed by Sumaida + Khurana and LENY, the 450-foot-tall, 37-story building [...]

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