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The Joy of Architecture – Part Twelve – Grand Lodges

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The Gilded Age in American history is generally considered to have begun around 1870 and continued until the turn of the century or even a bit beyond. Imagine, if you can, the grand lifestyles that John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, and their like lived. This is obviously an overly broad topic. That said, let’s focus on the great [...]

The Joy of Architecture – Part Eleven – California Craftsman

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Your first impressions of a classic California Craftsman home might be of welcoming scale, natural feel, human usability, etc. Those were my first thoughts. Since the genre was inspired by the Arts & Crafts Movement, which was itself a reaction to the worst aspects of the Industrial Revolution, this is probably to be expected. Today we have The Joy of [...]

The Joy of Architecture – Part Ten – Phillip Johnson

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Phillip Johnson was both responsible for, and guilty of, a dizzying collection of buildings that have defined urban skylines in America for almost seventy years. He made controversial statements, held difficult political views, and designed and/or helped design prominent, and polarizing buildings. Let’s get going with The Joy of Architecture - Part Ten - Phillip Johnson. He was born into [...]

The Joy of Architecture – Part Nine – Fallingwater

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Fallingwater is arguably the most famous work of Frank Lloyd Wright. So many words have already been written that I am loathe to post about it at all. On the other hand, how can a series about architecture leave Fallingwater out? That said, I lived very close by for a short period, and made two visits. The Joy of Architecture [...]

The Joy of Architecture – Part Eight – “NYC Nocturne”

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Your memories of a visit to New York City are typically determined by where you went, with whom, what time of year, what you did, how long were you there, etc., etc. In the case of the native New Yorker, the transplanted, but now hard-core resident, the commuter who journeys into The City, their memories are more nuanced. Today, we [...]

The Joy of Architecture – Part Seven – Eero Saarinen

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How did Eero Saarinen, a Finnish-born and Yale-educated architect, manage to so greatly influence the twentieth century image of an America just entering a new technological age? The answer lies in two airports, and a re-imagined classic shape. The Joy of Architecture - Part Seven - Eero Saarinen. Saarinen was born in Finland in 1910 and came to The United [...]

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