Stone Finishes

The selection of a stone finish is one of many important decisions that the design team makes in terms of the building envelope. It can add or subtract to the overall design intent, reflective values, future maintenance, and more.

To the right, the polished Brazilian granite, facing the Museum of the American Arts & Crafts Movement in St. Petersburg, Florida, positively gleams in the local sunshine.



Typically, a matte-finished surface with lower reflective values than those usually associated with the more common polished material.


A smooth, glossy, and reflective finish that enhances inherent stone color values. Polishing closes the pores of the material, lowering surface water absorption.


A sanded surface displays as a textured visual with minimal reflective values. There is also the appearance and suggestion of the stone being in a very natural state.


Brushing creates a textured stone finish with a pleasingly weathered and aged visual. This presentation may show the stone in a more natural, organic state.