Trimstone Product Testing and Certification

Projectile Impact Video on 1/2″ and 3/4″ honeycomb panels

NOA certification as well as TAS , ASTM, and NFPA tests have been successfully completed, yielding the highest certification and performance in the industry.


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High Velocity Hurricane ZoneMax. Panel Size 60” x 120”
Max. Design Load: +120 PSF – 120 PSF
Miami-Dade County, Florida
NOA No. 18-0425.06
Expires February 2 2022


Testing Results Available upon request to Stoneworks
TestPropertyTest Result
ASTM E-84-9Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials (Limestone)
Flame Spread Index
Smoke Development Index
Class A
ASTM E-108Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials (Marble)
Spread of Flames
Class A
NFPA 259-08Potential Heat (Limestone)830.9741 Btu/lb or 1932.4967 Kj/Kg
ASTM E-72-05Transverse Load (Marble)

  • Deflection @ 215 psf
  • Ultimate Load
0.49 in. Average
630 psf Average
Standard Test Method for Flatwise Tensile Strength of Sandwich Constructions (Limestone)
Freeze-Thaw as received
After 100 cycles of Freeze-Thaw
437 psi (stone layer cracked in half)
415 psi (stone layer cracked in half)
TAS 201-94Large Missile Impact Test per FBCPass
TAS 202-94Air Infiltration Test per FBCPass
TAS 203-94Cyclic Wind Pressure Loading per FBCPass