The new, amazing, Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement in St. Petersburg, Florida is set to open in December of this year. A key architectural element of the building is the use of Florida Honeycomb Stone Panels from Trimstone. Let’s chat about this for a moment.

Given the location of the building in Downtown St. Petersburg, the conclusion of the project is getting quite a bit of media attention. According Chris Curry, a freelance writer living in Clearwater: “Downtown St. Pete’s rich museum scene gets a unique addition in December. The Museum of the American Arts and Crafts Movement will showcase a vast collection of furniture, metalwork, lighting, ceramics, pottery, prints and other decorative and fine arts objects that date back to the 1900-to-1930 time period when the modern technology of machines changed the way craftspeople worked.”

The Tampa Bay Times added: “Watching the museum’s progress certainly piques interest. While not reflective of the architecture of the Arts and Crafts movement, the goal was to represent the ideals of the period, which focused on craftsmanship and quality. Gleaming granite panels from Brazil accentuate the exterior. The protruding spherical object houses the spiral staircase in the lobby.” The granite panels is where we come in.

Florida Honeycomb Stone Panels

Here are ten things to know about our Florida Honeycomb Stone Panels:

2.Easy to install
3.Cost efficient
4.Panel thickness
5.Impact resistance
6.Production time
7.Water resistance
8.Freeze/Thaw resistance
9.Panel size flexibility
10.Industry experience

Lightweight stone honeycomb panels are the future of stone facades. Click here to learn more today. Thanks for reading.