Experience the Trimstone® Difference

Honeycomb Stone Panels

Weather Resistant
A durable epoxy skin protects the honeycomb core of our stone panels with a waterproof barrier.
Impact Resistant
Our stone panels have sixty times the impact strength of solid stone slabs.
Thoroughly Tested
Tests and certifications such as NOA , ASTM, and NFPA have been successfully completed, yielding the highest performance in the industry for our lightweight stone panels.
Stone panel
Reliable Quality
Our thirty years of intense experience have allowed us to develop and refine strict quality-control procedures, resulting in the creation of superior lightweight stone panels.
Reliable Company
Major enterprise-level clients trust Stoneworks Inc. and our Trimstone stone panels to consistently produce a high-quality product.
Cost Effective
The lightweight nature of our stone panels reduces installation costs between 20%- 50% on average.
Ease of Installation
Specialized anchoring systems allow for quick and easy installation.
Efficient Production
Using advanced technology and modern production techniques, Stoneworks Inc. is able to meet even the tightest production schedules with Trimstone stone panels.
Stoneworks Inc, the producer of Trimstone panels, has been a part of the natural stone industry since 1984. For almost a decade, our corporate focus has been on manufacturing lightweight architectural stone panels.
Made in the U.S.A.
Stoneworks Inc. has placed great faith in the reliability of American suppliers and workers. We are located in Miami, FL, where we exclusively manufacture Trimstone lightweight stone panels.


Trimstone stone panels can be
installed at a fraction of
the labor cost typically associated
with dimensional stone.

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Interior spaces can be renovated and
enhanced by the essential beauty of
natural stone with the added benefit
of significant savings in overall weight.

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