Worldwide Stone Resources

At Stoneworks of Art, we are proud to work with premier stone suppliers from all over the globe. These partnerships enable us to meet the unique project requirements of our clients by offering them a rich inventory of top-quality, natural materials.

Client-Supplied Materials

In addition to the extensive array of natural stones that we make available through our in-house inventory, we also routinely utilize materials furnished by the client. This is of great advantage to customers looking for a complement to one of their stones; we can take a single slab of adequate thickness and use it to generate two Trimstone panels that share a mirror image of each other. And unlike other companies, Stoneworks of Art offers this service on whatever scale may be needed, not simply to clients with larger projects. Our engineers inspect client-supplied materials to ensure they meet the thickness and hardness specifications required to produce Trimstone® panels.

Stone Types

Trimstone® panels are usually fabricated with stones belonging to the categories listed below. On a custom basis, other types of stones can be used as well. Before we agree to work with a non-standard material however, the client must first provide us with a sample that passes inspection and testing at the Stoneworks of Art facility.


Marble is a metamorphic rock comprised of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite and dolomite. Softer than granite, it is suitable for floor, walls and tops. Due to its corrosive nature to acids, it is not suitable for kitchen countertops or areas exposed to acids.

Botticino Crema Marfil Dark Emperador
Dark Green Marble Egyptian Gold LightEmperador
Giallo Pakistano Giallo Reale RossoVerona

Giallo Valencia Gold Travertine Cross Cut Gold Travertine Regular cut
Light Green Marble Ming Green Negro Marquina
Opera Rosso Lepanto Rojo Alicante
Rosso Brocatello


An igneous rock formed by the earth's volcanic activity, granite has a solid, tough composition and carries a medium to course-grained texture. With a MOHS scale ranging from 6-8, it is harder and slower to cut.

Baltic Brown Black Zimbawe Grigio Sardo
Indian Juparana Ivory Ivory Chiffon Santa Cecilia


Onyx is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz. Its unique visual characteristics include a translucent quality and contrasting bands from almost every color in the spectrum.

Red Onyx Green Onyx White Onyx
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