The Trimstone® advantage is driven by a spirit of excellence paired with decades of stone experience and a revolutionary, lightweight honeycomb technology.


Trimstone® panels weigh approximately 80% less than standard 3/4" slab material. This dramatic advantage is achieved through innovations in cutting and a unique method of bonding lightweight, natural stone to high-strength, aviation-grade honeycomb panels.

Ease of Installation

Trimstone® panels are remarkably easy to handle and install. Panel thickness can also be customized to meet every project's engineering and design specifications without compromise. Additionally, we have developed special anchoring systems that greatly simplify installations.

Cost Reduction

We endeavor to provide the best value to our clients by bidding each project as competitively as possible. Additional cost savings are then naturally achieved by working with a stone product that is more lightweight, resilient, and easier to install than standard 3/4" slabs. Relative cost advantages also show up in the shipping process due to the fact that Trimstone® materials are so light and resistant to breakage.

Panel Thickness

Our versatile stone panels can have profiles as thin as 3/8", making them a perfect fit for applications with thickness restrictions.

Impact Resistance

Trimstone® has superior energy absorption and impact resistance. Panels exhibit flexural strength and warpage thresholds that are significantly greater than what is normally seen in 4cm granite slabs.

Production Time

Because Trimstone® is manufactured right here in the United States, we are able to bring efficient production timetables to even the most demanding construction schedules.

Aluminum Honeycomb Core Panels

Trimstone® makes use of Plascore's advanced aluminum honeycomb core: a material offering unparalleled strength-to-weight ratios and resistance to heat, moisture, corrosion, and even mold. Panels can be ordered in a variety of thicknesses to suite your project's needs and can have a fiberglass or aluminum skin.


All Trimstone® panels have a durable epoxy skin which protects the honeycomb core with a waterproof barrier.

Freeze / Thaw

Trimstone® panels were given higher grades on all ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) tests conducted under freeze and thaw cycles than the competition ( official test results are available for comparison).


Trimstone® panels are available in both of the standard finishes used in the dimensional stone industry: polished and honed. A Stoneworks of Art representative can advise you on the type of finish most appropriate for your project.

Panel Sizes

Clients can order cut to size panels based on the dimensional specifics of their application. Individual panels can be as large as 60" x 120".

Customer Service

The knowledgeable staff at Stoneworks of Art is committed to providing the highest-quality customer service. Please contact us with any questions about product specifications, testing data, cladding, or how we can offer a Trimstone® solution that answers to the particular requirements of your project.


As the green building sector grows, more construction professionals look for the benefits achieve by the building LEED certifications. Trimstone® can assist in acquiring valuable MR and EQ LEED credits.

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