Client: United Solutions
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Jobs: Elevators

“Due to weight restrictions for elevators, United Solutions uses Trimstone® lightweight stone panels to embellish the interiors of elevator cabs in the New York area.”

Client: World Class Tile & Stone
Location: Pompano Beach, FL
Jobs: Trimstone® projects for Yachts.

“As yachts become larger and more luxurious there is growing demand for the type of high quality lightweight panels manufactured by Stoneworks. We use the Trimstone® panels for custom flooring, walls and countertops.

Client: The Place for Tile
Location: Miami, FL
Jobs: Residential, commercial, private airplanes.

The Place for Tile has a long track record with Stoneworks of Art and the Trimstone® product. “Our jobs often have custom requirements and require quick turn around times. Somehow Stoneworks manages to accommodate our tight production needs – so we look good to our clients.”

Client: Zeni K Habif Interior Designs
Contact: Zeni K Habif
Location: Miami, FL
Jobs: Residential and commercial

“Zeni K Habif is a talented designer who mixes all type of natural stone elements in her décor. Recently full size green onyx slabs were processed into Trimstone® panels backed with Plexiglass. These were installed vertically and lit from behind with stunning results.”

Client: Featherstone Interiors
Location: Ft. Lauderdale Fl L
Jobs: Trimstone® used for residential ceiling and floor applications

Richard Featherstone designs beautiful classical water-jet cut marble pieces. His most recent works include an onyx design, backlit by ambient, under the floor lighting which was installed in the foyer of a magnificent high end residential property. In the same home he used cut-to-size Trimstone® panels suspended from the ceiling of the master bath.

Client: Editions Design Collections
Location: Houston, TX
Jobs: Manufacturer of high-end furniture

Editions is a 38 year old manufacturer of fine high-end, custom made furniture. “Like our company, Stoneworks provides a high level of customer service, creativity and quality workmanship. Lightweight Trimstone® panel inserts allow us to provide our customers with unique one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture.

Client: Gunderlin
Location: Hialeah, FL
Jobs: Elevator Cabs

Gunderlin has been in the elevator cab industry for more than 40 years with clients all over the country. They specialize in commercial projects, hotels, stadiums and arenas. “ The natural look of marble and granite minus the bulk and weight adds to the décor of any elevator cab. Stoneworks worked hard to meet our time frame on a large job requiring precision manufacturing and cutting.”

Client: Antillean Marble & Granite Inc.
Location: St. Michael Barbados, West Indies
Jobs: Interior Design

“Trimstone® offers the benefit of being approximately 80% less in weight than regular ¾” marble. Antilles Marble takes advantage of this when shipping and installing marble medallions on the West Indies”.

Client: D. S. Maharaj LTD
Location: Trinidad, West Indies
Jobs: Interior Design

“Custom medallions were fabricated for an elegant West Indies home using Natural as well as semi-precious stone in Trimstone®. Flooring required the use of 3/8” Trimstone®”

Client: Featherlite Coaches
Location: Sanford, FL
Jobs: Luxury Recreational Vehicles

“ With a touch of Trimstone®, Featherlite Coaches transforms a luxury recreational vehicle into a work of art. The lightness of Trimstone® ensures the RV maintains proper gas efficiency. “

Client: Hospitality Purveyors
Location: Miami, FL
Jobs: Medallions and accent pieces

" As the primary purveyor for SANDALS in the Bahamas, HPI offers exquisite designs for their properties. Made with lightweight Trimstone® and an array of different natural stones…"

Client: ITF Group
Location: Miami, Fl
Jobs: Medallions

" ITF created a unique 32' medallion destined for an airport in Africa. The entire medallion was made in Trimstone® for ease of handling and shipping."

Client: Thomas Brick Company
Location: Cleveland, OH
Jobs: Medallions, inserts
Client: Dal-Tile Corporation
Location: Chatsworth, GA
Jobs: Medallions in Trimstone®

Client: EXPO Design Center / Home Depot
Location: Atlanta, GA
Jobs: Trimstone® Medallions and inserts

Client: Excellence thru Lightweight
Location: Miami, Fl
Jobs: Trimstone® projects for Yachts.
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