Time and time again, Trimstone® panels prove to be an efficient, financially-advantageous solution for both exterior and interior renovation work. When standard 3/4" stone slabs are used in renovation projects, contractors often have to reinforce or even demolish existing walls in order to achieve a proper and secure installation. Because Trimstone® panels are so lightweight,thin and strong however, they can be installed directly on top of existing walls, sparing customers the extra work and expenses that are typically encountered when renovating with stone. Moreover, labor costs in general tend to be reduced with our panels since they are so easy to transport, handle, and set in place. In addition to the immediate savings that come from renovating with Trimstone® paneling, our product also promotes a more timely return on investment: when panels are easy to handle and install, building enhancements can be completed on a more aggressive schedule, and this brings about a quicker increase in property value, building tenancy, and sale potential.

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