Trimstone® panels are the perfect choice when architects and designers are faced with the challenge of beautifying the interior of an elevator. It is for this reason that you can find our panels in the elevator cabs of many hotels, condominiums, office buildings, health care facilities, and even private residences.

Staying away from heavy finishing materials is obviously of paramount importance when it comes to enhancing elevator cabs. Trimstone® answers this requirement by being an easy-to-install solution that weighs a full 80% less than solid stone.

In addition to offering a marked advantage with regards to weight and installation labor, the durability of the Trimstone® panel also makes it a great choice for use in elevators. Our product is not only fire and water resistant, but it holds up against impact very well - a feature that is particularly important since elevators are routinely subject to a lot of traffic and abuse.


Produced with premier-quality natural stones such as granite, onyx, limestone, and marble, Trimstone® panels significantly enhance the beauty of any elevator surface. With the technical expertise and tools needed to bookmatch stones, we have the resources to fabricate multiple panels that share remarkably consistent patterns, a decorative option that brings your elevator to the next level of refinement. And for those clients looking to add a truly personalized touch to their elevator, we can then utilize our precision waterjet equipment to craft insignias, corporate logos, or other custom-cut designs that are then seamlessly incorporated into the floor of the cab.

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