The strength, durability, and remarkable weight efficiency of Trimstone® panels make them the ideal, customized solution for either the exterior or interior of commercial and institutional buildings.  Engineered to be safe and robust, our panel installations create beautiful, natural-stone façades that withstand the test of time.

Trimstone® panels are manufactured to tolerate all sorts of harsh environmental conditions, including heat and fire, extreme cold, water, and storm-force winds. For technical details about the rigorous laboratory testing that has been done on our product, please visit the Laboratory Testing page.

Trimstone® panels have been strategically designed to promote construction efficiency and cost effectiveness. Being so remarkably light, they are easily transported and handled by installation crews. This offers great savings over the expensive labor that is normally needed for the installation of 3/4" slab materials. Furthermore, the risk of breakage (and the associated expense of product replacement) has also been greatly reduced because we bond the natural stone in our paneling to a high-strength, aluminum honeycomb backing that meets standards set by the aviation industry.

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