Few architectural applications have a greater need for lightweight and robust materials than those which deal with the interior walls of a plane.

Meeting this demand with advanced technology, Trimstone® is the lightest yet most durable stone panel on the market today. In fact, our exclusive manufacturing partner - Plascore - offers a customized Trimstone® panel that has been specifically designed for use on military planes.

Our product offers aircraft owners the beauty of natural stone while adhering to the rigorous strength, weight, fire resistance, and other material regulations that are strictly enforced by the aerospace industry. You can rest assured that Stoneworks of Art only utilizes aviation-grade, Plascore honeycomb panels when fabricating for plane applications.

The ideal way to enhance aircraft interiors, plane owners worldwide turn to Trimstone® as a preferred solution when looking to adorn galleys, vanity tops, bathrooms, and partition cabin surfaces calling for strength, durability, and the refinement of natural stone.

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