Here at Stoneworks of Art, we take great pride in the diversity of applications Trimstone® panels have shown to handle so well - either in their standard configuration, or as customized solutions to address the many unique requirements presented to us by our clients. Trimstone® is the ideal choice for commercial and residential projects, interior and exterior applications, renovations, elevators, aircraft, recreational vehicles, marine installations, and more. Trimstone® offers virtually endless solutions with maximized efficiency, cost savings, and scheduling advantages. Our panels can not only replace solid dimensional stone in virtually any context, but they work perfectly in situations where regular stone cannot be used because of weight restrictions and related installation obstacles.  No matter the size or complexity of your project, we have the technical expertise and innovative spirit needed to craft just the Trimstone® product your application requires.

Commercial Stone Paneling

Trimstone® panels have the strength and durability to be an ideal solution for either the interior or exterior of any sized building, anywhere in the world. Our panels are manufactured to tolerate even the most taxing of environments and forces, including extreme heat, bitter cold, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

Residential Stone Paneling

Trimstone® panels are the obvious choice when looking for a way to effectively address weight and durability issues in the context of residential architectural design. Our product is easy to install and can be used for wall cladding, balcony flooring, and interior cladding, as well as to upgrade the aesthetics of foyers, alcoves, elevators, etc.

Rennovating with Stone Panels

Our panels are ideal for both exterior and interior renovation work. Clients can eliminate the need to demolish older walls by simply over-cladding with Trimstone®: a move that saves on time, minimizes mess, and greatly reduces project costs. When placed over exterior or interior substrate materials, the durability and strength of our panels are simply unmatched. And because Trimstone® panels are so lightweight and easy to handle, the time, labor, and money needed to complete an entire building is a fraction of what is normally required.

Stone Paneling in Elevators

Engineers, Architects and designers alike recognize the advantages of using Trimstone® panels in elevators. Our beautiful, natural-stone panels weigh 80% less than 3/4" solid stone, making them exceptionally lightweight and quick to install on the floor, ceiling, or walls of your elevator. Whether it is in a hotel, office building, industrial structure, or private home, Trimstone® panels are the perfect solution for elevators of all shapes and sizes.

Marine Stone Paneling

If you are looking to enhance yacht cabins with the sophisticated elegance of stone, Trimstone® panels are the obvious choice. Not only does our product weigh a remarkable, 80% less than solid stone slabs, but it is flexible enough to be installed on any of the architecturally-curved decks and surfaces often found on yachts.

Aircraft Stone Paneling

There is perhaps no architectural application having a greater need for the perfect blend of lightweight and robust materials than the cabin walls of a private plane. With its advanced technology, Trimstone® is the lightest yet most durable stone panel available, providing aircraft owners with the beauty and strength of natural stone, while adhering to the rigorous construction regulations that exist in the aerospace industry. In fact, our exclusive manufacturing partner - Plascore - offers a special Trimstone® panel that was specifically designed for use on military aircraft.

RV Stone Paneling

Trimstone® panels are the perfect choice for recreational vehicle upgrades or renovations. Not only is our product extremely lightweight, durable, and quick to clean, but it is easy to install: a much-welcomed characteristic when working in the confined spaces that are often found in the interiors of recreational vehicles and high-end motor coaches.

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